Update as to where we are at with the interim committee of Coiste Forbartha na Carraige

  • At the EGM we were advised by the encumbent CFC that calling the EGM dissolved the existing CFC.
  • Leo Solosy of the outgoing committee kindly Chaired the EGM, outlined the workings of the CFC and invited nominations to form the new CFC. The following were nominated and appointed to the CFC:
  1. Seamus McGinley
  2. James Byrne
  3. Derek Williamson
  4. Paul Byrne
  5. Mick Brown
  6. Clement O’Gara
  7. Dessie Cunningham
  8. James Doherty
  9. Terence Boyle

The committee have now appointed officers to the key positions

  • Seamus McGinley (Chairperson)
  • Dessie Cunningham (Vice Chair)
  • James Byrne (Secretary)
  • Mick Brown (Vice Secretary)
  • Jennie Doherty (Treasurer)
  • Derek Williamson (Vice Treasurer)

The initial priorities identified are:

  • Secure playground funding
  • Working with the outgoing CFC members for a smooth transition on the employment schemes
  • Understand the financial position of CFC and its obligations
  • Organise for the election of a permanent committee as soon as practical
  • Confirm the constitutional position

 There will be a public meeting in the next couple of weeks to share the progress to date and update the community on these matters.