Learn Irish with "Now your Talking"

Episode one: Meeting People / Greeting someone / Greeting more than one person / Responding to a greeting / Talking about the weather / Saying Goodbye.

Episode one: Meeting People / Greeting someone / Greeting more than one person / Responding to a greeting / Talking about the weather / Saying Goodbye.

Ep 2.

Episode Two: Introducing Yourself / Asking Someone’s Name / Filling in forms / Asking Who Someone is / Introducing Others / Introducing family members.

Ep 3.

Episode Three: Asking someone where there from / Saying where your from / Asking someone where they live / Saying where you live / talking about a location / Asking someone their phone number / Asking what time it is / Saying what time it is.

Ep 4.

Episode Four: Asking someone if they speak a language / saying how well you speak a language / Asking someone which language they speak / Saying which languages you speak / Saying where you learn a language / Asking if someone understands a language.


Ep 5.

Episode Five: Saying that you Like something / Saying that you don’t like something / Saying what you like doing / Asking someone whether they like something / Giving your reply / Saying that you prefer something / Saying what something is like / Asking whether something is any good.

Ep 6.

Episode Six: Asking someone what they want / Saying what you want / Being courteous / Asking someone if the take milk or sugar / Being more precise / Asking someone if they want a particular thing / Giving your reply / Saying you’d prefer something / Saying cheers / Telling someone that a drink is theirs

Ep 7.

Episode Seven: Asking someone where they are going / Saying where your going / Asking someone when they are going / Saying when your going somewhere / Saying it’s almost a certain time.

Ep 8.

Episode Eight: Saying What Job You Do / Asking someone what job they do / Asking someone where they work / Saying where you work / Saying what type of business you have / Asking someone if the like their job / Saying your not working / Asking someone what job they had / Saying what job you had / Asking someone if they do a specific job.

Ep 9.

Episode Nine: Telling someone to come in / telling someone to sit down / Warning someone / Telling someone to wait / Telling someone to stop / Telling someone to be quiet /Telling someone to go or to carry on / Calling someone / Around the house. 

Ep 10.

Episode Ten: Saying what your marital status is / Asking someone what their marital status is / Asking someone if they have children / saying that you have or haven’t got children / Asking someone how members of their family are / Asking someone how many children they have / Saying what your children doing.

Ep 11.

Episode Eleven: Asking someone where they went / Asking someone what they did / Referring to the recent past / Saying you went somewhere / Saying what you did / Asking someone when they want something / Asking someone who was with them / Giving a response / Asking someone if they enjoyed something / Giving your reply.

Ep 12.

Episode Twelve: Saying You Have to go / Giving Your Response / Asking Why / Saying You’re Sorry / Saying Why You Have to go / Asking Someone to Stay A Little Longer / Giving Your Reply / Giving Your Reply / Referring to the near Future / Referring to Times Further into the Future.

Ep 13.

Episode Thirteen: Family Members And Relatives / Introducing Family Members And Relatives / Introducing Yourself And Others / Asking About Others / Asking Where People Live.


Ep 14.

Episode Fourteen: Discussing morning Activities / Asking Someone What Time They Do Something / Discussing Routines / Asking What Someone Does during the Day / Giving Your Reply / Asking Someone If They Do a Particular Thing.

Ep 15.

Episode Fifteen: Asking Where Something Is / Saying Where Something Is / Asking How Many Room There Are In A House / Giving Directions / Saying What Door It Is / Describing The Contents Of A House / Asking Where To Put Things / Telling Someone Where To Put Things / Movement / Location.

Ep 16.

Episode Sixteen: Asking How Much Things Cost / Counting The Pounds / Dealing In Quantities / Looking After The Pennies / Referring To Items By Name / Asking What The Total Price Is / Asking For Change / Saying You Have No Money / Expressing An Opinion On Prices / Combining Pounds And Pence. 


Ep 17.

Episode Seventeen: Saying What You Want / Asking Someone What They Want Or Would Like / Asking Someone Would They Like A Particular Thing / Offering Assistance / Saying That Your Looking For Something /Asking For More Details / Being Specific / Saying You Want To Borrow Something / Asking If You Can Borrow Something.


Ep 18.

Episode Eighteen: Going on Holidays / How Long Your Going For

Ep. 19

Episode Nineteen: Telling Someone To Be Quiet / Speaking To Children / Telling Someone To Clean Or Tidy Themselves Up / Asking Someone what’s Wrong With Them / Asking Someone If They’re Ill / Saying what’s Wrong With You / Asking Someone If They’re Alright / Asking A More Specific Question. 

Ep 20.

Episode Twenty: Asking What Someone Looks Like / Saying What A Person Looks Like / Saying That Someone Is Getting Fat Or Thin / Asking What Someone’s Character Is Like / Describing Someone’s Character / Describing Hair Colour / Describing Hair Length And Style / Describing Eyes.

Ep 21.

Episode Twenty One: Giving Invitations / Accepting And Refusing An Invitation / Giving Excuses / Asking Someone What They Will Be Doing / Saying You’re Doing Nothing / Finding Out If Someone Will Be Free / Arranging A Place To Meet / Arranging A Time.

Ep 22.

Episode Twenty Two: Asking Someone How They Feel / Saying How You Feel / Naming Illnesses / Describing And Discussing Injuries / Cancelling Arrangements / Telling Someone To Take Care / Saying Your Better Or Worse.

Ep 23.

Episode Twenty Three: Asking For Permission / Giving And Refusing Permission / Asking For Favours And Making Requests /More Polite Forms /Asking To See Or Speak To Someone / Giving Someone A Reason Why They Can’t See Or Speak To Someone.

Ep 24.

Episode Twenty Four: Asking Someone Do they Have Any News / Asking Someone If There’s Anything Happening /Telling Good News / Reacting to Good News / Reacting to Bad News.

Ep 25.

Episode Twenty Five: Asking Where Something Is / Giving Directions / Describing Locations / Giving Reasons For Not Being Able To Help / Location Or Direction.

Ep 26.

Episode Twenty Six: Asking Where Someone Was Born / Saying Where You Were Born And Reared / Asking People When They Met / Saying When You Met Someone / Finding Out How Long People Have Been Together Or Separated / Asking Someone How Many Children They Have / Asking Someone If They’re Related To A Particular Person / Saying How You’re Related To Someone / Asking On What Date Something Is Happening.

Ep 27.

Episode Twenty Seven: Finding Out If Someone Wants To Go For A Meal / Offering Someone A Drink /Asking For A Menu /Asking If Someone Is Ready To Order / Ordering A Starter / Asking What Someone Would Like For The Main Course / Asking For The Wine List / Finding Out What Someone Would Like To Drink / Asking If Someone Would Like A Dessert / Finding Out What Someone Thinks Of Their Meal / Commenting On Food.

Ep 28.

Episode Twenty Eight: Finding Out What Someone Does In Their Spare Time / Saying What Pastimes You Have / Saying What You Like Doing / Asking If Someone Is Interested In A Particular Thing / Asking If Someone Is Able To Do Something / Giving Your Reply / Saying How Easy Something Is / Asking How Long Someone Has Been Doing Something / Saying How Long You’ve Been Doing Something / Asking How Often Someone Does Something / Saying How Often You Do Something / Asking Someone How They’re Getting On.

Ep 29.

 Episode Twenty Nine: Living and working abroad.

Ep 30.

Episode Twenty Nine: Speaking about the future.

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