The Con Sean is back on its usual time of year following last year’s delay and will continue from now on around the same time every year, we understand it’s been only a few short months since the event was held but as it was the landmark 20th anniversary we had to host it in the calendar year, if players are on time we can run this event as smoothly and quickly as we can as we acknowledge the capacity in the venue is not as big as other venues but with players cooperation we can have another successful day. Following last year’s dramatic final can John Con retain the title or will we have a new name on the cup as many fantastic players have yet to win this event.  The same as usual no entry’s on the day so leave your names on the Facebook event by calling into The Rusty or texting  086-9969256 we will have draw made in advance and first games at 3pm. Accommodation also available at The Rusty.

€1000 in prizes guaranteed €10 to enter. Open to all players.

List of previous 20 finals:
2018 John Con McGinley 6-5 Michael Leech
2017 John Flood 6-1 John Gallagher 1
2016 John Flood 6-5 Andrew Gillespie
2015 John Flood 6-2 Noel O'Donnell
2014 John Flood 6-4 Gerard McGlynn
2013 Dermot McGuire 6-1 John Gallagher
2012 John Con McGinley 6-4 Andrew Gillespie
2011 John Flood 6-4 John Murray
2010 John Flood 5-1 John D Gallagher
2009 Dermot McGuire 5-0 Declan Cunningham
2008 John McGinley 5-4 Declan Cunningham
2007 John Flood 4-2 Kenneth Kennedy
2006 Kenneth Kennedy 4-2 Tommy Feeney
2005 Charlie Grant 4-1 Declan Cunningham
2004 Garry Bell 4-0 John Con McGinley
2003 Raymond Hegarty 4-3 John Con McGinley
2002 John Ward 4-2 Joe Byrne
2001 Gerald Harvey 4-1 Alan McBrearty
2000 Seamus Curran 4-3 Hugh Doherty
1999 Kenneth Kennedy 4-1 Bernie Mullen