Andrew Gillespie is the John Harkin Singles League Champion

Published: Monday, 21 March 2022

2020 John Harkin winner Andrew Gillespie with John McHugh and Evelyn Byrne

Andrew Gillespie defeated Adrian Byrne 6-3 taking out 140 in style to win the 2020 John Harkin Singles League title, while Conor O’Donoghue won the shield final coming from 3-1 down to defeat David Gallagher 4-3, it was finally an end to a tournament that started in 2019 with 16 players taking part but was hit with restrictions weeks before the finals meaning the tournament resumed last month, this meant some players were not able to commit to the resumption of due to changes in circumstances.

On the finals night itself held on Wednesday 16th March in Evelyn’s the above coupled with some players working and others unable to attend we ran both tournaments as a round robin format. In the cup tournament Andrew was a deserving winner as he topped the league ahead of Kenneth Kennedy, had 22 180s and three 12 dart finishes over the course of the league campaign (Kenneth Kennedy also had a 12 dart leg), the only trophy he did not win was the highest checkout which was a 170 check out by James Byrne away back in the opening night of fixtures.

Thanks to all players who entered it was disappointing that it could not finish with all players available but no night was going to suite and it needed to be played off, thanks to Evelyn’s, Kilcar House and O’Donnell’s for hosting the matches, to the Harkin family for the trophies and to LMC Fire Safety for sponsoring the finals night. Thanks to all who marked the games, we will be back in September/October with the same league format also players who played in this league have first option of entering.

John Harkin Cup


Andrew Gillespie 6 Adrian Byrne 3

Round Robin Results

Andrew Gillespie 3 Irwin Muirhead 1

Adrian Byrne 4 John McHugh 0

Adrian Byrne 1 Andrew Gillespie 3

Irwin Muirhead 2 James Byrne 2

James Byrne 2 Adrian Byrne 2

Andrew Gillespie 4 John McHugh 0

John McHugh 2 James Byrne 2

Adrian Byrne 3 Irwin Muirhead 1

Irwin Muirhead 1 John McHugh 3

James Byrne 0 Andrew Gillespie 4

2020 John Harkin Shield winner Conor O'Donoghue with John McHugh and Evelyn Byrne

John Harkin Shield


Conor O’Donoghue 4 David Gallagher 3

Round Robin Results

Aaron Doherty 2 Conor O’Donoghue 2

David Gallagher 4 Wilfie Milsop 0

Wilfie Milsop 2 Aaron Doherty 2

Conor O’Donoghue 3 David Gallagher 1

David Gallagher 2 Aaron Doherty 2

Wilfie Milsop 2 Donor O’Donoghue

Most 180s

Andrew Gillespie 22

Kenneth Kennedy 10

Adrian Byrne/James Byrne 9

Hugh Doherty 6

Highest Checkouts

170 James Byrne

160 Kenneth Kennedy

155 Irwin Muirhead

154 Philip Doherty

150 James Byrne

140 Andrew Gillespie

136 John Byrne

130 Aaron Doherty

130 Conor McKiverigan

Least Darts

12 (x3) Andrew Gillespie

12 Kenneth Kennedy

13 (x3) Andrew Gillespie

13 Adrian Byrne

14 (x3) Kenneth Kennedy, Adrian Byrne and James Byrne

14 Irwin Muirhead

Full list of stats and final league table on our website at

2020 John Harkin runner up Adrian Byrne with John McHugh and Evelyn Byrne

2020 John Harkin Shield runner up David Gallagher with John McHugh and Evelyn Byrne

2020 John Harkin highest checkout (170) James Byrne with Evelyn Byrne


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