Donegal Mountain Rescue Team members were back in the Blue Haven in Carrick on Sunday night as the committee, comprising family and friends of the late David Maguire, presented the very significant sum of €6545 to the team. A similar donation was presented to our colleagues in the Killybegs Coastguard. It goes without saying, yet it must be said, the Team are immensely grateful for this very significant donation which came from several events carried out in the Carrick area since the New Year's tragic event and culminated in a lively dance in the Blue Haven last month with Gary Gamble. 

The ten days of the Maguire search beginning New Year's Day last will be forever etched in the memories of those who participated. Yet, in a much different way so too will his life and cares and loves and more be cherished memories for his family, his friends and most especially his two little daughters. Being over there and seeing a whole community mustered to search for one of their own was a very touching scenario and to that end I can say that it was with echoes of silent prayers of relief that Team members spread out along the coast greeted the GPS radio chatter coming through on that final Sunday evening saying David's body had been found. 

Many thanks for remembering us in the aftermath of all your trauma. May he Rest in Peace.